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Today's feature is everything feminine, delicate and beautiful. We caught up with Tina aka Myüz Artistry on all things business, family and beauty. This gorgeous studio is right here in Winnipeg (lucky us!) and we jumped at the opportunity to share this inspiring space captured by SambaJoy Photo & Art

Myüz Artistry is home-run located in South Winnipeg. The word Myüz is Tina's personal take on the word ‘muse’. In the dictionary, muse means: a woman who is the source of inspiration for an artist. She chose to call her business Myüz because her clients are essentially her muse. Each bring a different and unique canvas – they are every-day women who perpetuate Tina's love for beauty. How perfect. 


Let’s talk about your studio! How did you come up with the vision? My eye always tends to draw towards delicate and feminine artifacts and colors. Keeping this in mind, I knew I wanted my space to include hues of pink, ivory and gold. Now that I reflect back on my wedding, these colors were used to help me celebrate my special day. In keeping with a budget I was able participate in some fun DIY projects to bring more life to the studio. The gold spray painted hooks and the mirror were done by yours truly.

What services do you provide? I’m a fully licensed esthetician so my services range from manicures, pedicures, 2 week gel polish (Shellac), waxing, brow and lash tinting. As of this year I also perform facials. In addition, the flexibility with my work and studio allows me to offer private and group makeup lessons and full makeup application both at the studio and on site during wedding season.

A new service that has popped up in Winnipeg is Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery which is a semi-permanent tattoo. I also love brow shaping and helping women find the perfect shape for their face. Before this brow craze began I’ve always helped my clients to achieve the best brows possible. Having the correct shape for your face can make us appear younger, frame your face and open those beautiful eyes.

What is your favorite part of your studioI love the entire space. It’s a humble studio but even so I love coming down to have quiet moments to myself within the walls. The artwork, furnishing and little touches make it a space that I really love working in. Every square inch of it makes me proud

What are your go to products? Why? Orange corrector by MAC, NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer, a foundation (currently I have the following – don’t judge – MAC face & body, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder, Marc Jacobs Genius Gel, NARS Luminous Weightless, YSL Touche Eclat & Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. I finish off my look with a blush and my current mascara, YSL Shocking in black.

 My orange corrector is a necessity. It’s the only thing that counter acts the blue dark circles I have but then I need a concealer to correct the orange. So the process is a little tedious but for a flawless look this is what I need to do. I love experimenting with foundations hence my collection. I pick the one that I’m in the mood for depending on what kind of finish I want on my skin. The process sounds long but this literally takes me 8 minutes or less. Once you get the hang of makeup it’s pretty darn easy to create an everyday look – just change it up by using different colors of blush.

 How would you describe your style as an artist? Natural. I attract a lot of clients who desire a light and sunkissed glow. I’ve never loved the “Barbie” cake face flawless look. I prefer to show the skin through the products I use. Although my signature look as an artist is “au natural” I do love creating a sultry bold eye.

I am in love with Tina's stationery and branding by Keeks Paper Co.!

What does a typical day being a mother, wife, and small business owner look like? Every day is different which is great! Some days are jammed packed with my myüz’s while other days are filled with play dates, household chores, enjoying quiet time with the Mister and most of all creating memories with my growing toddler. No matter the situation being a mother is a priority every day. Being a wife and taking care of myself continues to be a work-in-progress. I think a lot of women strive daily to achieve this “balance” but my life has many moving parts so I feel quite content in being able to take each day in stride. With the addition of my second child, I’m sure I’ll need to reboot and find time to nurture my own personal growth.

What is your background prior to having your home studio? I’ve always worked as an esthetician at other salons. Although I’m sincerely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, I felt unsettled. Being there only made me work harder to manifest my own vision. I wanted to expand my makeup skills by taking courses outside of Canada and I really wanted to be in the bridal industry representing myself, Tina Cable.

What kinds of challenges do you face working from home? What are the greatest rewards? Any work environment is going to have its challenges; working from home is no exception. I do this by ensuring the entryway is free from clutter and that the door to the studio is always shut. One challenge with working from home is that it can be very difficult to “disconnect” from work. My mind is constantly thinking about booking clients, managing my marketing, developing strategic alliances with other businesses etc. It can become all-consuming so I’ve found ways to “turn off” by putting my phone away or staying in the upper portion of my home.  I take pleasure in how my clients interact with my daughter, she has already learned in her own way with how she can help me at Myüz. Working from home allows me to dedicate time to my growing family but also be the kind of entrepreneur I choose to be. The greatest reward about working from home is that I’m able to spend time with my daughter and enjoy watching her grow. I’m not commuting anywhere nor am I asking for permission to spend time with my family.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? It’s funny, I ask myself this question every day. This past year I was on a trajectory to build my clientele and I’ve done well. Now, I have a vision for Myüz in that perhaps one day I can sustain a storefront operation. It’s hard to definitively say what my next steps will be but Myüz Makeup Artistry & Esthetics will very much be alive and thriving. Meanwhile, I hope to enjoy the small (and big) things in my life.

Thank you for sharing your world with us Tina and family!



Photography - SambaJoy Photo & ArtStationery and Branding - Keeks Paper Co.