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Some of today's magic is brought to you by The Wedding Guru also known as Tammy from Divine Weddings - one of winnipeg's premiere wedding planning offerings. Tammy recently launched The Wedding Guru -  a space for brides to go to, not only for inspiration, but to provide the knowledge and skills to guide them through the journey of planning their wedding. I am pleased to share a small peek into what TWG offers with a Q + A!



Dear Wedding Guru

Q - My wedding is in a few weeks. I am very busy with last minute errands and planning, and my mother asked me the other day if I’ve started writing my thank-you speech. I haven’t even thought about it to be honest, just thought I would make some quick notes the morning of the wedding and go from there. Is this something I should be putting more effort into? I am second guessing myself now and am worried I will forget to thank someone, and I am not even sure where to begin. Any advice for writing a great thank-you speech?


A -This is a great question! Many brides find themselves in this same situation, and I for one think the words you speak to your guests on your wedding day are extremely important! Weddings are a celebration of the beginning of a new life together and thanking those that have gotten you to that point, as well as a chance to reflect on memories with those that you love. So how do you convey sincere gratitude and warm reflection in your wedding speech?

Being a wedding planner for fifteen years, I’ve heard my share of great, and not so great, wedding speeches. Believe me, you can tell who’s taken this opportunity seriously and those that haven’t. Portraying how you feel and putting that into words takes some preparation. I am going to say this slowly – don’t…wait…until… the…last…minute…to…write…your… speech. Did you get that? Even saying this, I know there are some of you who are going to wait until the night before or the day of your wedding to write your speech. If you know deep down that you are one of these people, that’s fine. But at least begin to start thinking about what you would like to say. Make mental notes about who you’d like to thank and how you are going to voice your gratitude.

So when you are ready to sit down to write your speech, start writing it out point form. List the names of the people you’d like to thank. You should thank your parents, his parents, your wedding party, and of course your fiancé. And he should do the same. If there is anyone else that has helped shape your life in any way and you want to show your appreciation, like a grandparent or uncle, add them to the list. If there is anyone that has done something in particular to help with the wedding, split these people up between the two of you if you like. Make sure to go over the list together to make sure you aren’t missing anyone.

To me the best wedding speeches are those where the person speaks from the heart. So take a look at each name on the list, and think about how grateful you are for this person. Be grateful for this moment to have the opportunity to voice how you feel about them. Rarely will you have this chance again in life, so make the best of it.

What do you really appreciate about that person? Not just from what they’ve helped with as far as the wedding, but how have they been there for you throughout your life? What life lessons have you learned from them? What memories do you cherish?

A nice touch is to thank your fiancé’s parents, family and friends for supporting him throughout his life to create the man he is today.

Above all, be respectful and gracious. Every couple has some family dynamics to deal with. Any issues you may have today may not be there in ten years. You want to look back and be proud for taking the high road and not having any regret for excluding someone or downplaying your gratitude. Remember, that only reflects badly on you.

So by starting on your wedding speech at least a week before the wedding day, you’ll give yourself time to reflect on and appreciate each person properly, without rushing through your list. Your speech will be heartfelt and meaningful. After all, the people that you are thanking deserve your effort don’t you think?

The Wedding Guru

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