It's my favourite week of the year! The colours outside have turned and are in perfect harmony and the temperature is cool. And just so happens Thanksgiving weekend falls on this week as well this year, how wonderful! Here are some tips I put together to help you host a fun and stress free thanksgiving dinner.


Use tried and true recipes and cooking methods.. Select dishes that are well rounded and delicious but also that are tried and true. Making a new recipe or trying a new method of cooking for a large gathering leaves no room for error and will up your stress levels if things don't go as planned. 

Make it ahead.. Prep, prep and more prep! The less you have to do the day of the better leaving more time for mingling and enjoying your guests.

Serve a signature cocktail.. Offering guests a signature blend is one of my favourite parts about hosting. Most likely your guests will bring their own drinks so you generally only need to plan for one per person but to try something new, fun and festive is just the best!

Set the table the night before.. Being a stressed out host is the worst. There is nothing worse than running around scrambling for butter knives when guests are coming through the door. Try setting the table the night before. I used to go as far as labeling the serving platters!

Keep it simple.. You can still host a fabulous dinner and keep things simple at the same time. No time to make dessert from scratch? Don't freak out just go buy a bottle of Pumpkin Spiced Bailey's and serve a festive after dinner coffee or pour it over vanilla ice cream. Grab a tin of sprinkles and voila the kids are happy too!



Photography - Janine Kropla Photography | Florals - Stone House Creative | Venue, table top and furnishings - HutK